Wonderful Encounters (Jamieson track ~ Apollo Bay)

2018/11/15 Australia Day 32

It was a good campsite.

Good awakening from the morning.

Because it is sunny, it runs comfortably.

As soon as I started to run “Hello!”The voice is heard from somewhere.

The man from the side of the road was called Australia.

When I return “Hello”, it comes here and it talks.

When I heard something, my wife told me that she was Japanese.

Are you staying in a nearby town called Apollo Bay?I asked, but I replied that I wanted to go farther.

At first, I didn’t understand English well, but I didn’t know it, but what this guy said is, is there a house in Apollo Bay?It seems to have said.

It was not understood well, and the place parted because it went ahead.

But I came after it immediately and was handed a contact because this phone number is my wife’s number.

I want to come to my house and have tea for the time being.

I finally understood that I had a house in Apollo Bay and invited me to my house.

There was no reason for refusing to do so, so I decided to visit the event with great welcome.

It runs along the sea about 40 kilometers to Apollo Bay.

The highlights continue.

Because I was hungry, instant ramen from noon.

Arrived in the town of Apollo Bay.It was a tourist attraction.

I’m going to look at it a lot.

Kombucha brand.They sell high juice.Why Konbucha?I’m not selling Konbu tea!

I arrived at the house of the man who called Apollo Bay.I try to make a phone call for the time being.



Oh, hello.

I’m a good Japanese.

Is it a little bit true?I felt relieved because there was feelings, too.

I decided to visit my house.

A respectable new homeThe three dogs greet you first.

When I walked in, my wife and two children.

He’s Vinnie.

Your wife is Minori.

I talk to my wife in Japanese.

The children are not shy, but they are both Japanese.

Indeed, this is real bilingual.

Let’s talk about it for the time being and show it in the house.

I have a bike of Vinnie’s boast to be shown.

Bike ceased!

It looks like the kit has been sold and assembled on its own.

It is not in riding as a motorcycle riding originally and it rides.

The vibration is tight because it is a bicycle body at 2 strike 75cc.But it’s fun!

It becomes a considerably late time when talking variously doing in such a feeling.

We had a suggestion that it would be okay to stay, and we decided to take advantage of the words.

Dinner was a treat.

Oh, cooking in the rice after a long time.

Too tasty.Rice is very important.

We had beer and wine.

Enjoy delicious food and get dessert.

Happy hour.

If you’re talking while drinking, it looks like Wwoof’s host is doing it.

Tell them that you’re interested in Wwoof, wwoof you try?It proposes it.

Because there was a feeling that I wanted to move ahead, I put it on hold once and answered it tomorrow.

Anyway, I enjoyed this happy time and slept with a fluffy mat and futon.

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