Germany Cyclists

I couldn’t sleep much because I broke my stomach.

I’m not going to get up in the morning.

Update your diary or Insta.

I watch YouTube, I do Facebook.

If you do not ride a bicycle like this, you will realize that it is with you when you are in the Japan to do surprisingly even if you are abroad.

The basic action does not change even if going abroad.

For now, the thing I have to do is to raise food, so I head to the supermarket around 15:00.

Anna told me there was a message, but Germany cyclist is on the way.

When I went to the supermarket, there was a person!

There’s a cyclist of Germany bitter looks.

His name is Tom.Astringent like a nice person.

When I looked at the bike, I was quite surprised by the bike.

One more tire is attached to the rear wheel, and it is a three-wheeled state.

In addition, a motor is attached to the pedal, and an electric assist bicycle.I have two big batteries.Big solar panels too!

The tire is a hit.Front also with suspension.

It seems to have passed the road in the desert which crosses the Australia named Outback when hearing the story.

Goodness, it is too kinky.

Even on a paved road, he was dying, but he came through the desert.The resupply area would be quite long.

It is a desert and does not advance.

Electric assist, but because the sense of the desert is a little tighter than the pavement on a normal bike.

I said in a bicycle shop in Townsville, but the pervert who travels by bicycle said that there are a lot of people Germany with the Japanese (laughs)

Anna is certainly Germany person, and the second person Germany.

I haven’t seen any Japanese yet, but according to Tom’s story, there was a Japanese wagon the desert.

No, it’s too Kinky (laughs)

But I feel that I have a sense of Germany with people.

So, I went to a pub with Tom at night.

It is also exciting to talk about the same bike ride.

English is not good, but it is different from the common topic.The words come out (laughs)

I was tired of the bike, I thought it was a good bike at night.

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