Strong winds from the morning today.

It works while the tent is cleared up and the tent is blown.

It is unusually ready before Anna, so I will leave first.

As soon as I started running, the wind was too strong and I didn’t really advance.

It doesn’t advance at all and the speed is about seven kilometers.

That’s how Anna was catching up from behind.

Anna’s speed is faster and goes ahead.

No, it’s a bit like an excuse, but it’s probably my own packing style, so I think I’m getting the effects of the wind on the bag, because it’s taller and higher than the surface area.

I’m not really going to headwind…

Conversely, it’s pretty much followed by a tail.

Even if it is flat and the road condition is good, I will proceed without rowed.

In, there is no sign to stop at all, headwind but mad and crazy.

In addition, the stress of daily heat and homeless life, the difference between the language and the environment is accumulated


I cried.

Many times.

I’ve only started, but I’m being honest and mental

I wonder why I’m doing this.

It is a feeling that it is not enjoyed at all even if it likes it.I thought that the bicycle failed.

I just started and thought that it might change if I still go ahead, and at this point I would like to proceed anyway.

However, I think that this road will continue for thousands of kilometers to go away, and I will become hate bicycles and Australia in this way, once you use the bus here.

Originally, I bought a folding bicycle for easy use of buses, trains and airplanes, and this is when I use it.

However, there are a lot of people who want to go on their own feet by bicycle riding. I say warp.

Well, I would like to do it in my own style without worrying about the surroundings.It is the first to enjoy.

Anna and I had been traveling together for about a week, but I wanted to travel together until Tenant Creek Fork…

There were a lot of dinosaur models in the town where dinosaurs were famous.

We joined Anna for the rest of the time.

Cheers to ginger beer, who is addicted.

It’s not beer.Non-AL.

There was no rest area around the hotel, so I decided to stay in the caravan park.

Tell Anna to use the bus.

Anna said it was good.

The inland and along the coast are totally different and you should see more Australia.

Anna will continue to run as it is.

Tough girl…

Mentally I feel stronger than myself.

I’m glad I was able to travel with Anna for a week now.

I’m not good at English at all, I can’t speak well, I don’t know what I’m saying, but I’m just listening, and I’m so thankful that I’m so worried about it.

There were a lot of people who were involved with the locals and there was no such opportunity without Anna.

We were both immature cyclists, but I enjoyed the pair-run while consulting with various things.

I always have a solo, but the pair is good, too.

It is shameful to run by parting with my unmanliness…

You can also grow up to meet each other somewhere in the world.

Thank you Anna. See You again!

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