Route around the world

It is a route around the world, but it is scheduled to roughly.

Of course, it could change in the middle.
I’m thinking about going by such a route.

Japan ⇨ Australia ⇨ New Zealand ⇨ Alaska ⇨
Canada ⇨, ⇨, ⇨, ⇨, ⇨, ⇨
⇨, ⇨, ⇨, ⇨, ⇨ ⇨

I think that I go to the area of South America by the above route perhaps.

After that, it is a little iffy.Well, the second half match
I thought I would listen to the traveler’s story until then.

In the first half, I decided to visit from the English-speaking area and made it to the above route.

When I was not good at English and couldn’t speak well, I started thinking about traveling.
I’m studying, but I’m still not so good.

First of all, I will improve my English while traveling in the English-speaking world.

I used to think about going to study abroad and then go around the world.
I thought the cost of studying abroad was shame, and I wonder if I should learn while traveling.
I decided to quit studying abroad and travel to the English-speaking world first.

Well, after the United States, Latin America is the most Spain language.
It’s not going to get through.
I have to study Spain language from there ^^;)

If you’re just traveling normally, you might not even have a chance to talk.

Volunteer programs such as Wwoof on the way
I would like to participate.


Wwoof is a host that is simply recruiting agricultural volunteers to say
Participating in the recruiting volunteers, the side that volunteered
This is a program that offers accommodation and meals.

There is no monetary exchange whatsoever.

With local people and volunteers from all over the world
You can also exchange, of course the opportunity to speak English
I think it is good for intercultural exchange and friend making.

Anyway, I wonder if the route is like this.

I will also put a trajectory around the world during the trip, thank you ~.

にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 世界一周(自転車)へ
にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 世界一周へ

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