Mont Belle Challenge Products List

Tomo is.Hello.

I would like to publish about the offerings I received in the Mon Belle Challenge.

I’m asking you to list what you want here.

I received all the requests!

Moreover, the tent and the rain ware that I did not ask were proposed addition, and had you provide that, too.

The list is as follows:

Downhager 800 #1
Foam Pad 180
Georine Mesh Cycle arm cover
Georine Mesh Cycle Leg Cover
Alpine Thermo Bottle 0, 5l
WIC. Cycle finger-less glove
Cycle Lining Pants Men’s
Outdry Cycle Glove
Cycle Rain Shoe Cover
Rechargeable Power head Lamp
Storm Cruiser Jacket Men’s
Stellaridge Tent 2 Body
Stellaridge Tent 2 Fly seat
Challenge Support original T-shirt

Goodness, I’m really glad to have so many offers.
Honestly, the line of Mont-Bell products are so odd that you can go around the world only with Mont-Bell products.

Separately, I would like to introduce the individual Mont Bell products in the equipment introduction.

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