Introduce myself

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for reading the blog.
Here, I would like to write about myself.Thank you.


Tomohiro Akatsuka
I took the blog title from Tomohiro’s friend to TOMO’s JOURNEY.
I have a lot of nicknames, but here it is when you unify the TOMO 💡


Born in 1985
It is the same as Ueto Aya, Miyazato Indigo, and Cristiano Ronaldo in the celebrity.
There are many famous people, the golden generation?I take pride in that.


Kumamoto Prefecture
There are a lot of rice fields around, but it is convenient for the countryside to be close to the town.


I’ve been in a lot of things until now, as a progressive now


I had lived in Shizuoka, and I often went to climb Japan Alps.
From now on, I would like to try to climb the mountains overseas.
I want to climb the mountain
Kilimanjaro, Huayna Potosi (Bolivia), Aconcagua (Argentina)

and bicycles

I don’t go out to races, I like to do all the touring and hang around.
You are a YUL cyclist.

I basically like the outdoors.If it is outdoor leisure, anything is willingly done ⛺


Graduate School of Engineering, National University

Motorcycle Related Manufacturers

Semiconductor related Manufacturers

September 2018-Departure to round the world
Because I liked motorcycles, I worked for a certain motorcycle related manufacturer after graduating from university.
After that, I wanted to go home and change to a local semiconductor-related manufacturer.
Despite the desire to return to the local, depart to round the world.(The motive is written separately.)

For the moment, introducing myself is like this 💡
This time, I started to write a blog about going out on a trip.
I am not good at writing basic sentences (^_^;)
There may be a lot of difficult to read, but please forgive me.
While writing a blog, to improve your writing skills like that
I would appreciate it if you watched me. M (_ _) M Pecori

So, thank you!


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